All information have to be correct, and will be used in processing your order.

Age Verification - Are you over 18?

Dear customers,
As you may be aware, new EU directives have been put in place that apply to the sale of e-liquids via the web store. Ordering e-liquids through our Web Store is only allowed for EU countries that have permitted cross-border sales. The sale of e-liquid is prohibited to persons under the age of 18. Consequently, in order to ensure absolute and complete compliance with the new directives, we have made changes to the ordering process. In addition to the standard customer age check, when entering our website, a registration obligation is also required, with the name, last name, address and country where you are ordering, you are obliged to enter your birth date. Additional age checks from our customer service are possible (ID card scan etc.)

Thank you for your understanding!

Elda Customer Service