What is e-liquid?

Our e-liquid or e-juice is used for filling all types and brands of electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
Our e-liquids are available in more than 500 different flavours, in six different nicotine strength levels.

What is the difference between Totally Green and Green Witch e-liquid?

Totally Green is the best blend of PG (Propylene glycol) and VG bases (Vegetable glycerol).
This best blend of PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerol) produces much more smoke and gives a rich flavour.
Green Witch is available in two different bases, PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerol).
Both PG and VG bases have been medically tested.
E-cigarette smokers prefer the PG database, while VG was introduced at the request of those smokers who may be sensitive to PG.E-smokers' experience shows that PG liquids release more intense flavours, and VG liquids produce a little thicker smoke.
Pure VG base without nicotine is a 100% ORGANIC and NATURAL product!

Do our e-liquids have a certificate?

All of our e-liquids have all the necessary certificates, were tested, all the ingredients are of EU origin, GMO free, NO Animal tasted, without allergens.


Thanks for good service, fast delivery got the parcel today.
J. L. Finland, 21/06/2016

I just bought the milky vapes and the package was delivered today. I wanted to say a big thank you for this awesome and tasty ejuices. I am really impressed! Looking forward to the next order.
Greets from Germany
M. Z. Germany, 28/04/2016

I would like to thank you for the e-liquids I got today. Perfectly revieved it, it is all correct. There is also an extra warning triangle on the bottles, perfect!!! Bottles are great, labels are perfect, thank you all!!!
Thumbs up for Elda
(I am happy :-) )
H. H. Netherlands, 03/07/2015

My feedback is: PERFECT! :)
All taste perfectly as they should. The labels are nice and colorful. Also the pipette is good. Also the packaging was very good.
The customers are also very happy and like the taste of the most of them. They are discussing on facebook about the taste - that means, they interact with the product and try it on different hardware, whats fantastic.
N.S. Austria, 05/03/2015

So I am happy with you and your colleagues, and I am doing business again.
That's all because of you and your colleagues, so a big compliment!!!
H. H. Netherlands, 12/02/2015

I'm really excited! tastes great!
E. D. Germany, 21/01/2015

Everything's good after we receive the goods.
And thanks for your coorperation.
Everything is fine and all your effort worked out.
B. Y. Korea, 20/12/2014

We tried the flavors and are very excited about the natural taste and quality of the liquid. Thank you very much.
E. R. Netherlands, 18/12/2014

We received the watermelon liquids. Many thanks. Very professional and client oriented!!! 
M. T., Switzerland, 01/12/2014

I got my eliquid today, and just wanted to say have pleased i am with your remarkable service. I am recomending you to my friends.
Best regards
André Rasmussen, 11/11/2014

Hello Davorka the order is received, this is exactly what I wanted, everything is fine and perfect. Thank you and see you soon for your next order.
Didier Collin, 13/12/2013

Hi, just a quick thankyou to say how pleased I am with my order. Great price, great flavour, great service. Cant wait to try out some of your new flavours!
Paul Pearce, 23/05/2012

Dear eliquid team, my package arrived and i want thank you for your great professionality and your magnific products.The smell is awesome and the butter eliquid is more good of the analogic cigarettes too.Your price is incredibly good and your eliquid better quality of italian expensive resellers. Please public this in testimonial so people can order to you, i will buy all times to you.
Manrico Bianchi, 27/07/2011

I received my last order. I am very happy with it. Wish I would have ordered more flavor...
Olivian, 11/06/2011

Dear E-Liquid! Yesterday I received the parcel of my order, it included various flavours and strength. I must say the quality is excellent such as the flavours, I am going to order more soon!
Ambrus Máté, 09/06/2011