DIY Nico Boom

With arrival of TPD regulative, vape industry has been restricted in some ways. Since your favourite e-liquid can be produced only in 10 ml bottles we came to perfect solution because, well, let's face it, 10 ml is not enough when it comes to that perfect e-juice. Solution is, you choose your favourite flavor, in 60 ml or 120 ml bottle, filled with 50 ml or 100 ml e-liquid, add prefered 10 ml nicotine strength, shake and vape! For example, in 50ml flavoured base add 10ml 18mg nicotine base and get 60ml of perfect e-juice enriched with 3mg nicotine. Yes, simple as that.

Advise: for best flavor experience you should wait 7 to 10 days after you mix your flavour base with nicotine shot.

14.87 $