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ELDA Barrique

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We were the first in Europe to introduce the innovative method of e-liquid aging in oak barrels, signed by the President of our Company, Dario Marenic.
Elda Barrique tobacco e-liquids entwine with the light notes of oak, nuts and vanilla.Product stability is achieved by storing in a cool and dark room.
Pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles preserve the e-liquid and protect its aroma, as there is no contact with sunlight. Barrique e-liquids are manufactured from natural flavouring substances of cured tobacco.

The creator of this ELDA Barrique e-liquid idea is Dario Marenic, the President of the Company Board. He has translated his love and knowledge of wines into this story of e-liquids as well, and our hard-working chemical engineers have turned his idea into reality.
Wooden barrels, charred on the inside, improve the aroma of tobacco while their nutty essences provide a rich and incredible flavor. The flavor is further improved by aging, integrating its aromatic complexity with gentle, authentic notes.
The aging process takes about two years to complete, and it is identical to the technique used in the production of the world's most precious wines. It is ideal for experienced vapers who will savor it with all their senses.
The product is available in 30ml pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles that preserve quality and in four different nicotine strengths. Each line is unique and inimitable, and each one is personally, specially signed by the founder, Dario Marenic. All ingredients are of EU origin.
Due to the specific nature of this flavor, no product returns or replacements are possible.

As you can see, the founder arrived at the idea to create a special e-liquid enriched by oak barrels to provide you with a smooth flavor imbued with the taste of bourbon.
It is also the first e-liquid to be delivered to you personally signed by the founder and President of the Board of our Company, Dario Marenic. Elda Barrique is manufactured in limited quantities, and if you want to make sure you'll get your own bottle of this delicacy, feel free to pre-order. If you want to be among the first to try this flavor, order as early as you can.

The quality control (QC) of the barrique line aging process is somewhat more complex compared to QC for other products. All our e-liquids are subject to extensive QC measures, ensuring that each line is identical to the preceding one, but this barrique-aging process is unique and inimitable. While the process itself is a bit different, the aroma still needs to be perfect. The aging process is carefully monitored over time, with a precise choice of temperature and humidity. Attention to detail, including meticulous record-keeping of each batch, is second to none until the very process of filling. Barrique e-liquids are filtered before filling to remove any residual particles from the inside of the charred barrels.
After filtering and filling, we enter dates on the bottles, and each label is personally signed by our President.

During the period of maturing and aging, e-liquids are continually tasted. The process of aging e-liquids until it is time to fill the bottles requires patience. In this period of maturation, they need to be frequently tasted in order to monitor their development.
After tasting and, if required, making corrections to e-liquids, a decision needs to be made whether we want to proceed with the creation of a given line. Each of our lines is limited, unique and inimitable. We are trying out different combinations in different percentages until we create a product we like the most. This in itself is a statement justifying the high quality and the price of ELDA Barrique e-liquids.


Zrinskih 62, 35400 Nova Gradiška, Croatia, Europe
tel.: +385 (0)35/361-361
fax: +385 (0)35/362-362


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